Hot Stuff Boiling Tap

Save time with instant boiling water

Now one in five homes has an instant boiling water tap in their kitchen Our Hot Stuff Tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and gives you filtered hot,cold and boiling water and our under-sink heater fits neatly under your sink

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Water Softener System

Remove limescale from whole house's water

The EWT 606TM meter regeneration water softener is WQA (Wateer Quality Standard) gold standard approved.It's the most efficient water softener on the market designed to be 70% more efficient on water and 50% efficient on salt.

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Save up to 200 a year on detergents

Watch Video: See how Freshmax is compatible with all washing machine types and installed in under an hour.The unit that saves you €200 a year on detergents and leaves your clothes feeling softer for longer

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Reverse Osmosis

Remove Fluoride from your drinking water

Recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing the very best quality drinking water and saving you upto €600 every year on bottled water.Eliminate plastic bottle water forever!

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Our Story

Water Softeners provide real cost savings in service, maintenance
and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing…

Since 2002, EWT have provided Water Softeners, Water Filters and Water Coolers all over the Ireland. Over 100,000 people depend on EWT for their Water Treatment equipment. We’re proud of our success and owe it to exceeding your expectations and putting you at the centre of everything we do. Our customers refer friends every day and because of that we can continue to offer you great value on our range of market leading products.

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